About Incr-Edible Images

Custom Edible image printing supplier, located on the Central Coast, NSW.
Incr-Edible Cakes offers a personal, professional service to create your personal celebration cake toppers that are guaranteed to delight.
Create Incr-Edible looking Cakes & Cupcakes to amaze your family and friends!
We only use premium frosting sheets that offer unsurpassed clarity and ability to peel off easy in our climate.
Icing Sheets are an actual layer of icing that bonds with the icing on the cake. They can be applied to all types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, Sugarveil®, fondant, blown sugar, etc.
Place your own image or Company Logo on any of your cake, cookie or cupcake creations.
 We can pretty much print anything you want. In addition, most pictures can be made to fit onto any size image, example: we can make it round up to 8inches (20cm), rectangle up to A4 size, up to 7.5inches Square, cupcake toppers 15 circles on every sheet measuring 5cm each, or any sizes in between. I can create any image you like.
Please contact me if there is something in particular that you would like at info@incrediblecakes.com.au
Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help make your occasion a little more special!

 Edible Image Sheet Ingredients:

Edible Image Sheet Ingredients: Ingredients Tapioca Starch, Corn Syrup Solids, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sugar, Water, Glycerine, Canola oil, Polyglycerol Esters, titanium dioxide, algin, Potassium sorbate, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate May Contain: Soy lecithin. The inks used are edible food dye inks and are FDA and kosher approved, they contain no known allergens

The printed frosting sheet has no discernable taste and you will not be able to taste it once placed on icing.